A community with over 21 denominations
gathering to worship the God revealed in Jesus Christ


Welcome to the Community Church web site and to our congregation! We are located on the beautiful East Side of Providence, where the dramatic New England seasons keep us mindful of the seasons of the soul.

Each Sunday we gather to worship the God revealed in Jesus Christ. The majestic landscape window in our sanctuary, created by the renowned stained glass artist Louis Comfort Tiffany, lifts our eyes to the hills of Psalm 121. Since 1917 worshippers have been greeted by the phrase below the window, “My help cometh from the Lord which made heaven and earth.” Hearing the scriptures preached, our deepest longings prayed, and inspiring music sung guides us through every season of life. Although our members come from more than twenty denominations, our faith in the risen Christ unifies us, and our caring embraces everyone who enters our doors.

We offer many venues for exploring the Christian faith and applying it to our lives and world. Children and families will find creative teaching, artistic expression, and lots of laughter among us. Our mission projects reach across the city and the seas. Nothing excites us more than seeing lives changed, gifts discovered, and potential fulfilled. A growing number of people—from many backgrounds and life situations—are making Community Church their spiritual home. We invite you to come and grow with us in faith and service!

Our Hope For You

If you are like most people, you would like your life to be richer and more satisfying than it presently is. The ministry of Community Church seeks to meet this desire in practical ways. It is a ministry that applies the Christian faith to the daily challenges of life.

We believe that the highest level of discovery is union with God. Personal growth involves one’s spirit, a reaching within and a reaching beyond. People grow through moments of encounter that produce deepened insight, needed change, and authentic renewal. A Christian congregation in which people share their lives with one another, openly discuss issues of faith, and serve others is a context that invites such moments.

Jesus came to show the way. Following him in love for God and God’s world transforms religion from an empty ritual into a dynamic power. Hearts are no longer broken, but healed. Identities are no longer lost, but found. Wholeness in Christ becomes a present reality, not just a future hope. And all things are made new.